How to use this site

As mentioned in the welcome post this is a community site. Below are a few suggestions how you might use this site.

Sign up and learn

If you create an account on this site (powered by Discourse), you will be emailed a weekly summary of what is new. This is a nice low-interruption way to keep up with what is going on. Discourse attempts to conserve your attention and minimize distraction – unlike the mainstream social platforms.

Share what do you find interesting?

Perhaps one of the best ways to share is to write about topics you find interesting. If you read or listen to something that really resonates with you, provide a link and include a few sentences about why you think this is interesting or notable. Perhaps include a few quotes that really stand out. This approach has multiple benefits:

  • This site becomes a collection of notes on notable things that are happening in our industry.
  • With a quick search here, you can quickly find articles that you read in the past that stand out – kind of like a group notebook.
  • Writing a few notes reinforces in your own mind what you have read or listened to and helps you think and process information.
  • Others benefit from a quick overview without having to read the entire article. The notes you provide help others decide if it is worth their time to read something themselves.
  • Community discussion can also add more perspective and insight.

Again, we are looking for quality, not quantity. If something is interesting to you, it will likely be so for others. If you read about something and think in your mind – wow, I’d really like tell someone about this, that is perhaps a good filter to decide what to post here.

Share what you have you learned?

Sharing a summary of things you have learned can benefit the community and can also help inform others of your skills and interests.

Share what are you working on?

It is always interesting to learn about what others are doing, so feel free to share. Again, this helps inform others of your capabilities and interests.

One of the most interesting aspects of writing is the person doing the writing learns a tremendous amount. Concepts become more solidified in the mind. We think more clearly. So while you might share to help others, you are also helping yourself.