How to ship stuff from a home office in the US

Occasionally I hear people working from home offices making a big deal about shipping stuff – going to the UPS store, waiting in line, etc. Here is an alternative:

  • sign up for an account at
  • buy a box of 5126/8126 Avery labels
  • print labels for shipments at on your laser printer – for weight, simply estimate high
  • drop your box in the mailbox, or drop it off at post-office/box, etc

At, you can save addresses, etc so it is super simple next time you need to send something to the same person. This is much better than driving somewhere, waiting in line, filling out an address on a paper form, etc. may not be as reliable, cheap, or fast as UPS, but it sure is convenient, and its website is simple and easy to use.

If someone still complains about the hassle of shipping after reading this, then create a label and email it to them – takes 5 minutes :slight_smile: