How to capture valuable information from meetings?

Hopefully, good things are happening in your meetings. When this happens, how do you capture this good? Several ways I can think of:

  1. record the video in Zoom and make the video available
  2. take personal notes
  3. have a scribe who takes notes and then emails them to everyone
  4. summarize the useful information into documentation
  5. have AI transcribe meetings for you

Except in rare cases, no one ever goes back and looks at recorded videos – takes too long.

I currently use a mix of #2 and #4.

One of my associates just demonstrated #5 using Open AI Whisper. He had a terminal showing the audio from a Zoom call being converted to text in real-time – pretty neat. Combined with another AI engine to summarize this information could be very useful.

AI is providing us with some powerful tools. But, we need to be careful we don’t destroy the process of learning and innovation along the way. It is kind of like taking notes in class – sure AI can produce all the answers without you taking notes, but taking notes and summarizing information is the magical process that helps our thinking by which we learn, make new connections, and create/discover new things.

sometimes you dont want an infra to hear into your meetings :slight_smile: