How the printer setup experience is getting better

Do you want to make your printer setup experience easy? IPP Everywhere may be the solution.

In days past, every printer manufacturer distributed their own printer drivers. Some vendors, like HP, open-sourced drivers for some of their printers, and this was bundled with Linux distributions. For a long time, setup of a HP printer on Linux was fairly quick and easy. Other vendors, like Brother, had proprietary drivers, which worked well enough, but was an additional install step. Lately, I set up another computer and ended up using IPP Everywhere with a Brother MFC-L2750DW – it works great, and no drivers to install or ever set up. The PWG looks like it includes most printer vendors and even OS vendors like Apple and MS. Membership appears to be cheap and low friction. This is an excellent example of industry collaboration and development where all benefit.

This also opens up the door for embedded IoT edge devices to print – perhaps in a factory, warehouse, etc. We’ve done this before, but it should be even easier now …