How do you make your phone a lot less attractive? Grayscale

I don’t struggle with wasting time on my phone (the computer is much more distracting), but always interested in productivity and focus tips as that is essential for developer productivity, so the suggestion to put your phone in grayscale mode caught my attention. Others claim this makes a huge difference. So I tried it … on Android:

Accessibility → Color and motion → Color correction → Use color correction → Grayscale

In this settings page, you can also enable a shortcut to toggle between color and grayscale (I use two-finger swipe up from the bottom of the screen). This allows quick switching to color for taking/viewing photos and back.

I’m sure iOS has something similar.

So far I really like it for general use. It does make the phone feel like a different device. Why is this?

Maybe I should try this on my computer …

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