Have you tried Tailscale?

Tailscale is a company building on Wireguard technology. Since they offer 20 free devices for personal use, and people are saying good things about it, I gave it a try. An Arch:

  • sudo pacman -S tailscale
  • sudo start tailscaled
  • sudo enable tailscaled
  • sudo tailscale up

This presented me with the following:

To authenticate, visit:


(numbers changed).

I then installed app on phone and when through similar process. Now when I log into Tailscale, I see:

(IP address erased …)

Looking up what these 100.x.x.x IP address are:

Tailscale assigns each node on your network a unique 100.x.y.z address. This address stays stable for each node (a device or a server), which means it should not change, no matter where the device moves to in the physical world.

To test, I was able to ping my phone from a Linux computer.

I then disabled WiFi on phone, and was still able to ping phone.

This was super easy to set up – I’m impressed.

The tailscale client is OSS:

Some articles about the Tailscale vision:

Interesting stuff: