Habit: note taking while working on a task

One habit I’ve worked into is keeping notes when working on any sizable task. Some aspects of this:

  • note down anything I think of while working that may need done in the future (ensures things don’t get forgotten)
  • keep list ordered in priority (I always know what needs done next)
  • move things to done when completed (feels good)
  • when I stop working, make sure I have first in the list what I’ll be doing when I resume work (fast to get started again)
  • write down questions, problems, various alternatives (writing makes for better thinking)

Here is a demo:

thanks for sharing these tips. Really handy

I like your todo/done and the nesting, that’s super handy!

I personally use zim (https://zim-wiki.org/) to keep my notes and the files sync between my various machines using syncthing. Zim is not fancy but it has worked well for me.

I create one zim page per topic and then normally I’ll write a header for each day I’m working on that thing and then write my notes for that day. Things I need to do still are bolded, then when completed I strike-through them. If I need to find something, I use grep to look through all the zim files (they’re just text files) to find things, especially helpful as sometimes I note hardware issues across multiple topics but they’re on the same hardware type, so grepping for serial numbers or specific phrases works well enough to locate such commonalities.

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Sounds like a good process – simple and sustainable long term. @bminer mentioned he also uses syncthing – really need to get that going here.

A good notes system seems common in effective people. Some people call it a second brain.

Almost all of my notes are now Markdown documents.

I use:

  • Typora on Linux
  • Markor on Android
  • Syncthing for synchronizing files

To save a bit of battery on my phone, I have Syncthing set to only sync over Wi-Fi.

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I came across this native tool, seems cool

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A lot of nice ideas in that application!

I watched this video about note taking and how it can aid in remembering things that you read, I found it pretty useful