Google Cloud IoT Core is being retired on August 16, 2023

Clearblade (reports are that they are working with Google) has released a compatible stack so that users have a migration path:

so people have about a year to migrate ? thats a problem I generally see with cloud managed services, I guess one has to plan for redundancy and stay nimble footed.

Several other thoughts:

  • be careful relying on a consumer company to provide industrial services – especially if its not something they need themselves.
  • work with companies who are at a similar scale. Today I use Linode for hosting where I can instead of some of the large players because they offer good support – more my scale. I’m sure Netflix can get whatever support they need from AWS, but I can’t.
  • running your own stuff is not a bad idea – especially at smaller scale. You can do a lot with a single server.
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It’s hard to do it all: