Go is a great programming language

Nice article about Go:


Perhaps the matter I most appreciate Go for is its long-term commitment to simplicity, stability, and robustness. I prize these traits more strongly than any other object of software design.

I think the same and would add tooling to this list.

Go is also notable for essentially inventing its own niche, and then helping that niche grow around it into an entirely new class of software design. I consider Go not to be a systems programming language β€” a title much better earned by languages like C and Rust. Rather, Go is the best-in-class for a new breed of software: an Internet programming language. The wealth of network protocols implemented efficiently, concisely, and correctly in its standard library, combined with its clever mixed cooperative/pre-emitive multitasking model, make it very easy to write scalable internet-facing software. A few other languages β€” Elixir comes to mind β€” also occupy this niche, but they haven’t enjoyed the runaway success that Go has.

This also sums up well what Go is – it is an efficient way to write and deploy connected software – from the cloud to embedded Linux systems – it scales well.

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Drew also likes alpine linux and musl. :slight_smile: