GitPLM releases

This topic will be used to record/announce GitPLM releases.


  • initial release that can populate KiCad BOMs with parts from partmaster

some feedback on the KiCad forum:

Great work Cliff I think this is a good initiative

A few more features:


  • support for adding/removing KiCad BOM items. See
    PCB-019.yml for an example of syntax.
  • misc cleanup
  • output BOMs are sorted by HPN


  • write log file when processing BOM (see
    PCB-019.log). This ensures any errors are
    captured in a file that is automatically generated and can be stored in Git.


  • switch from HPN (house part number) to IPN (internal part number) (#11)
  • implement Github CI (runs tests in PRs) (#13)
  • change -version commandline switch to print application version
  • add -bomVersion to specify BOM version to generate (used to be -version)


  • add badges in readme
  • fix missed error check
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  • print out version more concisely so it is easier to use in scripts


  • support multiple sources of parts in partmaster – simply put on separate lines. GitPLM will select the part with lowest priority field value. Other fields like Description are merged – only need to be entered on one line. See CAP-000-1001 in examples/partmaster.csv for an example of how to do


  • if BOM includes subassemblies (ASY, or PCB IPNs), also create a purchase BOM that is a recursive agregate of all parts used in the design. This BOM is named CCC-NNN-VVVV-all.csv


  • fix bug in log file name – should sit next to source BOM so we can track changes


  • allow partmaster.csv to life in any subdirectory instead of having to be at top level. This allows parmaster to live in a Git submodule.


  • add support for checked column. This value now gets propogated from the
    partmaster to all BOMs and can be used for a process where a part information
    is double checked for accuracy.


  • fix issue BOM lines with zero qty not being deleted (#28)


  • in output BOMs, move MPN and Manufactuer columns left. This makes it easier
    to import BOMs into distributor web sites like Mouser. (#30)


  • support PCA assemblies
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  • support for hooks, copy, and required yml sections.
  • create soft links to release directories for sub-assemblies