GitHub - typst/typst: A new markup-based typesetting system that is powerful

This looks like a promising alternative to LaTeX. Written in Rust of course, as all new tools are written in Rust these days …

I have tried LaTeX several times, and have never been very successful. I’ve also not been all that impressed with the PDF output of tools like Pandoc. Typora does OK, but it is not a command-line/OSS tool.

typst has a --watch option that will update the PDF on every save, so if you view the file in Evince, you can see changes in real-time.

I was able to quickly produce a nice-looking document:

#set text(
  font: "liberation sans",
  size: 14pt

#set page(
  paper: "us-letter"

#align(center, image("bec.png", width: 25%))

= Typst Test

hi there Cliff

+ item 1
  - indent 1
  - indent 2
+ item 2

$ A = B + C beta $

$ v := vec(x_1, x_2, x_3) $

This looks promising. is # not a comment ?

No, # is part of the syntax.

Tried the Typst online app, it works well:

The preview is very responsive to changes.

I’m guessing they compile the Typst compiler (written in Rust) to WASM to run in the browser.

They are working on a desktop version. There is also a separate OSS desktop project.

The Typst compiler is licensed under the Apache-2 license, and the contributing policies look very reasonable. With 265 contributors, it looks like the project is set up for success.