GitHub - briansunter/logseq-plugin-gpt3-openai: A plugin for GPT-3 AI

I’ve been hearing more about GPT-3

The history of OpenAI is interesting:

GPT-3’s builder, OpenAI, was initially founded as a non-profit in 2015.[48] In 2019, OpenAI did not publicly release GPT-3’s precursor model, breaking from OpenAI’s previous open-source practices, citing concerns that the model would perpetuate fake news. OpenAI eventually released a version of GPT-2 that was 8% of the original model’s size.[49] In the same year, OpenAI restructured to be a for-profit company.[50] In 2020, Microsoft announced the company had exclusive licensing of GPT-3 for Microsoft’s products and services following a multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI. The agreement permits OpenAI to offer a public-facing API such that users can send text to GPT-3 to receive the model’s output, but only Microsoft will have access to GPT-3’s source code.[7]