Gitea notes

You can now enable projects in Gitea repositories, which allows you to organize issues in a Kanban board format. To enable, click on settings in a project, and enable repository projects:

Then you can create a project and assign issues to it and get something like:

Gitea has been a great tool – zero problems. I upgrade on about every release. With my Ansible role, that is super simple (it even automatically backs up the database before upgrading in case there are issues). This is how tools should be:

  • a single binary with embedded assets and no dependencies (super easy to deploy)
  • option to use an embedded database (we are not all Google scale)
  • efficient (can easily run on a $5/mo cloud server)
  • reliable (this is typical for Go programs)

Simple and reliable. Gitea has made it possible for you to own your Git server at a minimal cost and almost no admin overhead. With Simple IoT, our goal is to do the same for your IoT platform.

Saw this recently:

More info:

Gitea 1.16.0 just released – a huge list of changes:

when are we putting it into git.bec?

It’s already installed :slight_smile:

I have an Ansible role where it takes me about 2m to update to new versions. One neat feature of the role is that it backs up the database in case I would need to roll back to a previous version. So far, I’ve not had to.

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So it seems a public infra based on github is available in Germany

Neat, powered by Gitea:


Here is initial announcement: