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As a happy user of Gitea for many years, I wondered how long it would be before it was forked due to the domain and trademarks being transferred to a for-profit company.

I don’t have a strong opinion on this, but you need to know these dynamics when creating OSS projects.

looks like forgejo for the most part just syncing code from gitea? I wish it’s on github, that could bring more developers.

An upgrade from 1.20.5 → 1.21.x has been failing miserably for me:

May be time to consider Forgejo a little more seriously …

A few minutes later, someone in the Gitea community responded that the bug has been fixed and will be in a future release.

Looking into Forgejo a little more:

Until recently all Forgejo commits could have been merged into Gitea overnight. But as of October 2023 Gitea requires a copyright assignment in addition to the MIT license. It means that the most significant contributions such as blocking a user will not be merged into Gitea and are unique to Forgejo v1.21 and later.

Forgejo continues to include all of Gitea and guarantees a 100% drop-in replacement for Gitea admins. No action is required, it is enough to replace the Gitea binary or the container image with the equivalent Forgejo release and restart.

Such an upgrade may be motivated to benefit from security fixes that only exist in Forgejo, such as the Long-term authentication vulnerability which is fixed since Forgejo v1.20.5-0 and will also be in Gitea v1.22 early 2024.

Requiring copyright assignment is a bad sign for an OSS project IMO …

it seems codeberg is using it as well, it has 100K+ projects on codeberg, so I would imagine given such a big usecase it could be a good bet for hosting own repositories. @cbrake maybe thats next for git.bec-systems ?

First I’ve heard of Codeberg … according to the faq, they seem to be in it for the long haul:

Is Codeberg well funded?

Codeberg is primarily funded by donations. As of July 2020, with all expenses frozen, we have a runway of ~12 years, so you don’t have to worry that our service will suddenly disappear. Still, we can always make good use of donations! They allow us not only to operate the minimum services, but extend the features, add new services, and generously offer more power e.g. for CI and Code Search.

I also like that Forgejo is focused on end-to-end testing, etc.

Gitea 1.21.2 upgrade worked, so this bug has been fixed.

thats good news. But using forgejo in itself is a question still relevant on its own.

Yeah, forgejo is still on the table – just not this month :slight_smile: