Experiences with the Zephyr community

One key point when evaluating technology, especially OSS, is the community. Recently we had a problem with USB on the STM32H743. Several of us attempted to debug it. I posted progress on Discord and one of the ST engineers suggested I open an issue:

So I did:

By the next morning, someone had replied with a suggestion that solved our problem. The interesting thing is that it was a developer from Nordic Semiconductor who suggested the fix.

Recently on Discord, a RFC was posted for a new Wakeup pin mechanism:

The reviewers include the top two Zephyr committers and developers from ST, Nordic, and Intel.

Responses to questions in the Zephyr community are sometimes delayed, but overall it seems this project is doing something right and people care a lot. When you look at the problem Zephyr is trying to solve (Linux quality software for MCUs), you soon realize this is a big problem – much bigger than there is manpower to solve it (at least at any one company). MCU vendors who embrace Zephyr will give a lot away, but in the end, be positioned with a much better SW ecosystem for their parts.