Episode #7 -- The Yoe Updater

In this episode we discus:

  • review of various Linux update technologies
  • discussion of experiments using swupdate
  • description of the Yoe updater
  • design ideas behind the Yoe updater
  • recent work done on the Yoe updater to make it more generic
  • Yoe handles installation, system initialization as well as update - this is very critical
  • designed to support products with long life cycles where things may change (partition layout, etc.)
  • how to add Yoe updater support to a new platform
  • what pieces of the system does the Yoe updater touch
  • how the Yoe updater handles rootfs corruption
  • why system initialization is important for reliable systems
  • why system initialization make sense in an initramfs
  • keep it simple is really the mantra
  • how the Yoe updater helps developers streamline their testing process by removing friction
  • future plans of managing updates using Simple IoT

See also the documentation and implementation.

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