Episode #11 -- Discussion with Andrew Wafaa

Our guest on this episode is Andrew Wafaa. We discussed many aspects of open source and technology. Near the end of the episode, Andrew shares some advice for people who want to learn about technology.

Show notes:

  • Andrew has been involved in OSS for 2 decades
  • likes packaged software – started by packaging software for SUSE for his own
  • too many people are concerned about what others will think of their work
  • you keep doing OSS for yourself.
  • successful community requires a safe, open, collaborative environment
  • accept the fact you can’t please everyone. Once you try to please everyone,
    you please no one.
  • marketing is the Achilles heel of many projects
  • events are an easy way to market projects
  • BSD
    • very nice community, and BSP projects seem to be thriving
    • collaboration between commercial entities is better than Linux – which may
      seem seem a bit surprising considering BSD is licensed with a permissive
    • used a lot in education – great learning platform
  • tips
    • read the documentation
    • build up a portfolio (Github, etc)
    • try it all out
    • don’t be afraid to ask
    • have fun
    • operating systems/distros are a good way to get exposed to a lot of
      different technologies – languages, compilers, projects, etc.

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