Embedded Kiosk based on Raspberry Pi 5

I am very impressed with the Yoe-kiosk browser. For an embedded system based on the Raspberry Pi 5 and Debian Bookworm I would like to create a kiosk application (Chromium with virtual keyboard). I would like to realize the web browser and the virtual keyboard with Qt6. Unfortunately I can’t get the example code of the Yoe-kiosk-browser to run. Can anyone help me or give me a tip? Thank you very much.

We typically build the yoe-kiosk-browser in the Yoe Distribution (BTW, it supports rPI5), but I’ve also built in Arch Linux after installing needed Qt dependency packages. Have not tried Debian.

Can you paste in your build errors here, or open an issue.

yoe-kiosk-browser is also packaged for Alpine Linux Alpine Linux packages

but not for debian or fedora etc. Maybe it will be easy to write
a debian rules files by looking at aports file for yoe-kiosk-browser

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After I inserted the following code, it works under Debian Bookworm on the Raspi 400:
with a 7" HDMI display.

I will be testing the Raspi 5 soon.

How can I change the screen orientation (rotation) dynamically by command (e.g. shortcut)?

Dynamic rotation is not currently supported, but we plan to add that soon. Still working through ideas, but thinking of adding a NATs client to the Kiosk browser and then pushing updates to the Kiosk browser for various things over NATs. This would allow tight integration with Simple IoT and give us remote management, etc.

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