Email providers/hosting, migadu

As my email server is getting rather old and crusty (though still working flawlessly), I’m thinking whether to rebuild it or go with a hosting provider. Some of my requirements:

  • need multiple addresses
  • ideally multiple domains
  • good IMAP/SMTP support (there is nothing quite as fast and efficient as a local email archive).
  • reasonable cost (everything adds up, so I try to be careful how many monthly services I am signed up for).

So I stumbled on migadu – seems like a good fit for what I need, and costs less the than the $5/mo digial ocean server my email is currently hosted on.

However, what do I do with the 4.7GB of email I currently have? With my own mail server, I can just easily migrate this to a new server.

I used to be a very happy Fastmail customer. I just couldn’t justify paying the money every year to keep being a customer and I’ve since migrated everything to my Gmail with Advanced Protection enabled. If you only need 1 user but multiple addresses, I think their $5/month plan is a very good fit. Obviously if you need more than 1 user then Fastmail will not be the cheapest.