Elm-ui (What if you never had to write CSS again?)

elm-ui is an elm package that replaces HTML and CSS with an easy to use layout system that has about everything you need. I wear a lot of different hats (hardware, system software, backend/frontend dev, etc), so don’t have time to master all the intricacies of HTML/CSS. In the past, I’ve used Bootstrap to tame frontend dev. However, now that I’m using Elm, I much prefer elm-ui experience – it really makes frontend development fun again instead of one long train of tedium. Sometimes it makes sense to just through everything out, take what you’ve learned, and start over:

  • Java/Python -> Go
  • C/C++ -> Rust
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript -> Elm

Don’t have much experience with Rust yet, but very pleased with the combination of Go and Elm.

Recently purchased the following book:

Excellent overview and reference for elm-ui.

interesting, It will be interesting to read what your experiences will be. Something that will reduce friction or will it push towards an island is what you should watchout for. While I am no frontend dev by any means but problems are similar, people invented polymorphism in C++ and sold it only to find out later
that it was not a good idea :slight_smile:

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Quote from a company using elm:

We really like weekends. This is why throughout our codebases, we’re moving to static types and a functional-programming mindset. We’ve found that this has resulted in fewer bugs, less maintenance and less time spent writing tests that just check for dynamic type explosions. We’d rather have code that “just works” delivered a little later than code that “sometimes works” delivered a little sooner. We use Elm as our principal front-end framework and most of our greenfields projects are being written in Haskell.

Elm is for those who want to optmize for the long-term.