Effective Neovim: Instant IDE (nvim-lua/kickstart)

I’ve switched to this – pretty amazing – gets vim a lot closer to VSCode for ease of configuration. Still working on getting auto-formatters on save working …

Ran into an issue where colors outside of tmux were light, and inside tmux where dark. The nvim background setting can be used to force it to be consistent:

vim.opt.background = "light"

I was trying to use GitHub - ethanholz/nvim-lastplace: A Lua rewrite of vim-lastplace for my lua conversion away from vim scripts but for life of me I could not get it to work.

I tried lastplace as well, and does not seem to be working. Do you have Telescope installed? I wonder if this applies?

here is my plugin customizations

% cat lua/custom/plugins/init.lua
-- You can add your own plugins here or in other files in this directory!
--  I promise not to create any merge conflicts in this directory :)
-- See the kickstart.nvim README for more information
return {
  { -- Put cursor at last place
    config = function()
      require('nvim-lastplace').setup {}
    require('onedark').setup {
      toggle_style_list = {'dark', 'darker', 'cool', 'deep', 'warm', 'warmer', 'light'}, -- List of styles to toggle between
      toggle_style_key = '<space>ts',
    branch = "v2.x",
    dependencies = {
      "nvim-tree/nvim-web-devicons", -- not strictly required, but recommended
    config = function ()
      -- Unless you are still migrating, remove the deprecated commands from v1.x
      vim.cmd([[ let g:neo_tree_remove_legacy_commands = 1 ]])
      require('neo-tree').setup {}
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migrating to lazy.nvim packager