🎙️ Drew Moseley From Toradex

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In this episode, we had a great discussion with
Drew about:

  • Drew’s career – many interesting companies
  • Toradex
    • manufacturers SOMs (System-on-Module)
    • started out providing WinCE solutions
  • Torizon
    • opinionated stack
    • fully integration solution
    • container runtime – allows developers to deploy applications without
      knowing much about Linux
    • customize OS without doing Yocto builds
  • Visual Studio Code plugin
    • simplifies management of Docker images, containers, cross compilation,
      remote debugging, etc.
  • Torizon device side software is OSS
  • SW update system
    • many options: Mendor, RAUC, SWUpdate, OSTree
    • Toradex uses OSTree
      • OSTree is file based for delta updates, where RAUC and SWUpdate are block
      • single partition
      • Git-like store where changes can be rolled back, etc.
      • read-only rootfs
    • Uptane is provides protection against attackers
  • Greenboot – used to verify system is functioning properly
  • Toradex’s upstream first policy
  • Challenges in developing with Embedded Linux
    • drinking from the OSS firehose
    • understanding all the components
    • realistic expectations about how long this stuff takes to develop
    • regulations
  • The future
    • immutable distros
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