Digest frequency changed from daily to weekly

I just changed the default digest frequency from daily to weekly for this site. This allows you to keep up with what is going on, but not be overwhelmed with notifications. You can also change this in your preferences (see below) – you many want to check your setting to make sure it is set they way you want it. I apologize – I had assumed it was set to weekly and had never checked, so this site has been sending out more noise than I had planned.

I think discourse weekly digests are a good way to keep signal to noise ratio high.

One of the goals of this community is to keep up with a broad cross section of topics without being overwhelmed by noise, as you might find on sites like Linked-In or Twitter. Whether we’ll ever get there, I’m not sure, but I currently find this “micro-blogging” format useful for myself, and this site is a handy notebook of interesting stuff. My qualification for something I post here includes:

  • notes on projects I’m working on
  • learning about something that is neat, and I think – “I’d like to tell someone about this”
  • interesting projects, books, etc that I want to keep track of and would like to refer back to later
  • summaries of books, articles, videos, etc – again, I do this mostly for myself, but if they are useful for others, all the better.

If anyone has ideas how to make this site more useful, let us know. Feedback is always welcome.

Also, feel free to invite others who might be interested.