Dagger is a new project started by Solomon Hykes, who also founded the company that created Docker. The following interview provides an overview of his experience at Docker and why Dagger. Solomon describes his ten years at Docker. The first five were a slog producing something new that no one seemed interested in. At some point, it took off and the rest is history. While Docker can be compared to “shipping containers”, Dagger is more analogous to robotic arms in a manufacturing process. Docker produces reusable containers, Dagger produces reusable processes to build, test, and deploy stuff. Dagger uses a graph (DAG, maybe that is where it got its name) to represent the processes.

This is a great listen. Wondering if Dagger could be used to build Embedded Linux systems?

It looks like a cool project, and I like how you can run your pipelines locally and leverage caching. I don’t see how you somehow avoid YAML configuration, though, since systems like Github Actions still need this. In some ways this is just another dependency.

I have not had time to try it, so can’t say for sure – what caught my interest is that the guy who invented Docker is on to the next thing – may be significant …