opensource autopilot

I am still a bit skeptical about vehicle autopilot, but interested in the technology. This project looks interesting, and perhaps a good base of technology for anything vehicle related (CAN Bus, car automation, etc).

Listing to an interesting interview with George Hotz.

This section contains an interesting quote on the mission of

Solve self driving cars while delivering ship-able intermediaries.

The “ship-able intermediaries” makes a ton of sense – this keeps things practical, allows for early feedback, collects tons of data, and follows the principle that innovation typically requires iteration.

Another interesting section – on the business strategy for comma:

Profitable – we did it.

George also mentioned several times that has switched from Tensorflow to Pytorch.

Comma seems like an interesting company/product. Personally, I’m still fairly skeptical about self driving cars and don’t have a lot of interest personally, but this seems like a fairly honest look at the technology and possibilities.

Also, platform seems like a really interesting car/vehicle hacking platform in general. It has 4 CAN busses, cameras, display, you can turn on ssh, run your own apps, etc. They also offer a stand-alone vehicle interface.