CODI: Home COVID testing

This caught my attention on Gophers slack. I’ve not looked into it extensively, but seems like an interesting project.

Roberto Baldizon 12:49 AM
Hi Gophers Hope you are doing well, some of you already know me, my name is Roberto and I work on technology projects, mostly for the healthcare and energy industries. I wanted to share some of what we have been working on through this pandemic. I have teamed up with field experts of diverse fields to a solution to allow for more accurate home testing for infectious disease, in the article shared above we are mentioned as our team member, Claire Donnat was explaining to a journalist the application of a Bayesian algorithm to this problem.This is the article: I am glad to be collaborating on such an exciting project at and wanted to share with you, so we can all work on pushing the world through this crisis. Do let me know if think there are some members I should reach out to or connect with who would be interested on such a project, currently we are in the lookout for someone with a strong Go background to help us finish off the backend and get the project, rolling, please DM me if interested.