CI is now doing runtime testing of yoe-sdk-image

For the first time we passed runtime tests for yoe-sdk-image/qemuarm64, this will ensure that CI loop will not only check build time issues but also check runtime regressions. Way to go yoe !!

Nice! I’ve come to realize CI is really useful. I’ve been using Github actions in the Simple IoT project – Github actions are good for applications which don’t require a lot of build resources – they are very easy to set up and use. Generating occasional releases for a number of targets is also a good practice as it forces various code paths to be exercised. I just added a release process to Simple IoT and discovered building for Windows is broke. Good stuff!

Well inspired by recent issues on drone server database size growing beyond size, I thought of playing with GH actions, and I am pleasantly surprised. I could easily setup a native runner on an aarch64 box with in minutes, just followed the instructions no hoops to jump. Then I added the runner to yoedistro ( org level ), Next was migrating drone yaml jobs and it was almost 1 to 1 conversion, most meaty parts where CI logic resided was re-used verbatim. with in hrs I was running yoedisto/meta-clang/meta-openembedded CI jobs on the runner. Its happiness when things work as intended :slight_smile: :grinning: