Changes to SIOT issue tracking and project management

In the past, I used Github issues and Milestones to plan SIOT work. However, I always found it a bit clunky and not free-flowing enough – it seems Kanban board (Trello, etc) work better. With the advent of Github’s Projects overhaul, I switched to that some time back. Recently, I spent some time going through issues and reorganizing things a bit. I ended up with the following levels for labels:

  • MVP: big picture application for SIOT – the vision
  • Feature: larger task – typically something new that does not already exist
  • Enhancement/Bug: smaller issues that are improvements on what already exists

Each release cycle should contain a mixture of at least one feature and some enhancements. Bug fixes should always be prioritized, especially if they impact users.

The current MVP is the guiding vision and all work should support the current MVP when possible. The MVP helps us stay focused on solving real problems.