Building a Database (TigerBeetle) with Joran Greef

This is another amazing discussion – very well presented. Joran is the author of TigerBeetle, a financial accounting database written in Zig.

Richard and Joran discuss software security and performance, and why Zig is such a good fit. Joran claims many security problems come not from memory problems, but rather semantic gaps in the language. They discuss the benefits of being earlier adopters of technology:

the worst time to catch a wave is when everyone is on it.

Joran also discusses how io_uring is changing how concurrency is done – instead of the app handling concurrency, this task is handed off the kernel. Joran also discusses how they use static allocation methods in TigerBeetle to drastically simplify the programming model and improve performance.

If you want to glimpse into the future of computer security, concurrency, and performance, check out this episode.