Brendan Eich (inventor of Javascript, extensive browser history)

Brendan Eich invented Javascript, worked at Mozilla for years, and founded the Brave browser. These interviews are filled with history and insight into the browser.

I’ve been running Firefox for the past few years – it generally works fine and feels lighter than Chromium. I should try Brave again …

The last time I tried Brave, I was kind of turned off by the idea of earning crypto by browsing (which is optional). However, it’s useful to hear the motivations of the person behind this – seems legitimate and I now understand the reason Brave needs you to register, etc to get paid – they are trying to following Gov regulations, etc. instead of avoid them.

The browser is an important platform – perhaps the most important technology platform there is because its the only universal platform across all devices and throughout time. It is an open platform driven largely by standards. It is the only stable cross-platform GUI, and largely solves the security problems of running someone else’s code on my device. Mobile app development platforms come and go. Native UI libraries come and go. But the browser is a stable platform among all this churn where you are guaranteed backward compatibility for a good while. Thus, it seems like a good idea to learn the history about this amazing platform – the browser.

I switched to brave perhaps 3+ years ago, drawn by its security oriented features and I have never looked back. It runs on all my devices including mobile. Even my family has switched to using it. I think webkit based blink is state of art browser engine due to major browsers switching to use it in past few years. I did not like googliness of chrome so that kept my interests in firefox until brave came along. I feel sorry for firefox users but the browser and gecko engine has been lagging behind more and more with time.

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