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The Brave browser (what I primarily use these days) now supports video calls. Support for up to 4 people is free. Under the hood, this is Jitsi, and they partner with 8x8 (the company behind Jitsi) for the commercial offering.

Who provides the Brave Talk service?

The Brave Talk service is provided in partnership with 8x8. And the service is built on the open-source Jitsi platform.

I continue to use Jitsi for our Video Conferencing needs – it works very well and is the low friction solution. This is another example of how the browser platform is an excellent solution – everyone already has one, the security model is well understood, etc. With Jitsi, you don’t have to worry about the security concerns of installing a native app and doing whatever it wants with your system – the browser has a proven security model that handles that for you.

Interestingly, with all the efforts to build something β€œcross-platform,” (Java, .NET, Qt, etc) the browser has emerged as the most popular cross-platform solution. Why is this? What can we learn?

We should use it perhaps for few calls and assess

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