Book Reviews and recommendations

I read books in book readers and hard copies as well as listen to eBooks from local library or some I buy online from Amazon or other book stores. There are also interesting apps like Blinkist which provide the gist of a book in 15-20 minutes read or listen episodes, I also love reading book reviews a lot and it helps me immensely in selecting my next book to read.

Reply with the books you have read or summarised and found it enriching your skillset and help in career or approach to your work and why.

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Please consider submitting book reviews – suggest starting a new topic (thread) for each book in the category that the book best fits it and prefix the topic with "Book review: ". Perhaps we should also add a “book” tag to the topic. One reason I think book discussions should have their own thread is so that discussion about a book/topics can take place in the thread, and as we re-read or apply ideas from books, we can add additional thoughts in the future. Discourse topics are not constrained to one point in time, but can be expanded and added to at any point in the future with additional posts. Great ideas are timeless and should be revisited periodically.

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