Bluetooth mesh -- the decentralized approach

Interesting article/video/paper on Bluetooth:

When Szymon Slupik says something, I pay attention.

The Bluetooth mesh solution has been to invert the roles, bu putting the control function in the lightbulb. Let sensors be just that - sensors. By designing them to send out (or publish) sensory information: “occupancy detected” or “light level is 85 lux” (or both). And let the lights (or any other devices interested in this information) subscribe to it and act upon it, independently.

Notes from the video:

  • open source and open standard
  • interoperable
  • scalable (1-8000 devices)
  • secure
  • de-centralized vs centralized controls
    • distributed intelligence and rules shared
    • processing is done at edge
  • motion/light sensor in every luminair

Putting light level and motion sensing in every light makes a lot of sense – you already have a device with a MCU and radio.

It seems this is where things are heading. Success and adoption will depend on how open and interoperable things are.

Matter is the other similar standard that several large companies are pushing that is IP based. However, accessible public information on this seems rather scant.