Basic electronics lab kit

I get asked from time to time about basic kit for lab work which includes:

  • prototyping
  • debugging
  • soldering

Basic list:

  • soldering
    • soldering iron
    • solder – you probably want a no-clean flux (Kester 23-6337-8807)
    • solder wick (NTE SW03-10). The last solder wick I used was Chemtronics Rosin SD 80-4-10. Not sure how well the no clean variant will work.
    • tack flux – not sure if there is a no clean variant of this – last I used was Chip Quick SMD4300TF10
    • rubbing alcohol and q-tips (used to clean up soldering residue and make things look nice)
  • misc tools
    • precision snips
    • dental pick
    • wire stripper
    • tweezers
    • exacto knife
    • 10x loupe – handy for quickly checking something
    • eyeglass loupe – bausch and lomb metal clip on eyeglass loupe 3x 5x (not sure if you can still buy these), but with these I can solder/re-work about anything)
  • digital multi meter
  • oscilloscope
  • bench power supply
  • screw drivers
    • Wiha brand was recommended
    • I really like this set of micro screwdrivers – excellent for terminal blocks.
    • T1 to T10 torx drivers – lots of stuff uses them now
  • allen wrenches
  • wire strippers

Advanced list

Stuff you don’t need to get started, but may come in handy.

(still working on adding links/PNs)

Some other lists: