Archinstall -- a command line installer for Arch Linux

Next time you install Arch Linux, give the following a try:

It is now included on the live CD.

It is also interesting that this can be used as a Python library for automated operations.

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Archinstall has a new release:

The script created the filesystem partition on sdb3 but never created a usable filesystem on it.

I tried the archinstall script this evening and everything just worked. However, in my configuration I had selected the option to mount the /home directory on a separate partition. The script formatted the disk layout correctly, with the boot partition on sdb1, root on sdb2, and /home on sdb3. However the script did not update the fstab correctly. It mounted the /home directory alongside the / directory on sdb2, instead of selecting the UUID for /dev/sdb3 for the /home mount point.