Altera switches NIOS line of FPGA processors to RISCV

More RISCV !!, it seems altera has started using RISCV32 on their new generation of NIOS line of processors.

Good news. I did a large project years ago with the NIOS II core, so interesting to see the improvements.

It seems good that companies are standardizing on RISCV vs coming up with their own processing architectures. Efforts like NIOS II, AVR32, and PIC32 may have been necessary in the past, but none of these efforts seem to have been wildly successful. Maintaining tools is a significant effort – especially with so many programming languages and compilers out there.

yes, I think in coming years we are converging on to

x86 - servers
arm - mobile ( maybe server )
riscv - Embedded/IoT/custom chips