64bit OS is better on rpi4/4G

this article is interesting

I think if RAM was < 4G It would be interesting to see how these benchmarks would have performed but
if you have 4G+ RAM then certainly 64-bit OS makes a lot of sense as seen in the benchmarks in this article.

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Very interesting article – I’ve wondered about this because 64-bit apps are generally larger/use more RAM, so I’ve wondered about the impact of potentially more cache misses. But, this seems pretty compelling. Nice that Yoe has great support for 64-bit on rPI!

it occurred to me that 32bit raspbian was using thumb-1 ISA since they have to support rpi0 and older rpi1 machine with one OS, and they are armv6 based which did not support thumb2, so I guess if benchmarks are done with thumb2/armv7 compiled OS vs aarch64 OS things might be different and not as stark a difference as author claims.