The Maddy email server

I recently switched from postfix/dovecot to the Maddy email server. Maddy includes support for:

  • SMTP
  • IMAP
  • TLS (including Lets Encrypt)
  • DKIM signing
  • multiple domains

It has been a great experience thus far, and has resulted in an Ansible role that helps with deploying a new server. Will post more on this in the future as I learn …

One of the biggest challenges in setting up a new email server no a VPS like Digital Ocean or Linode, is getting the server IP address off all the DNS block lists and getting everyone to accept your mail as not spam. Setting up SPF and DKIM records seems to help a lot. After this, Google accepted my mail. Microsoft has been the only real problem as they blocked the IP address of the new mail server. It took about a week of repeatedly sending requests to their delist email, answering their questions, etc. Finally, they seem to have removed the block. An associate also said that Linode support can help with this if needed.

One of the reasons to run your own mail server:

Email is perhaps the most important part of your online presence – so many things are tied to it. As long as you have control of your DNS, and you run your own mail server, you likely have control over your email.

Had to switch to Nixos Mailserver due to some problems with a recent upgrade. I still really like the idea of Maddy – a single Binary that is easy to deploy and does all the basics well, but it’s not working for me, so time to do something else for now. For now, NixOS seems to manage the complexity of deploying a more complicated setup very well.

The IMAP issues in Maddy v0.6.x have been fixed:

I suspect that Maddy IMAP support is now fairly solid, but I plan to stick with NIXOS mailserver for awhile yet as the rspamd integration is amazing, and I don’t have time to sort all that out with maddy.