Solution driven vs Technology driven

This is pretty good:

Although this is from a factory automation perspective, I think the concepts generally apply to IoT and technology in general. Some notes from the talk:

  • industry 3.0 is solution driven, vertical integration where AB/Siemens/Schneider provides solutions in each layer of the stack where each layer only talks to adjacent layers and does not interoperate well with other vendors.
  • requirements
    • report by exception – only report when things change
    • edge driven – the intelligence pushes the payload, it is not polled
    • open architecture – accessible by all consumers
    • lightweight – don’t take down the network
  • promote Ignition by Inductive Automation
  • start with MQTT/Sparkplug B
  • all nodes are producers or consumers of data in a single, unified name-space

This provides a lot of food for thought. The tree based structure of data in Simple IoT would map nicely into a MQTT topic space and would provide a nice handle to reference node values vs the UUID of the node. However, one problem with a topic handle is the names may change, which could them break consumers. Needs a little more thought …