Gitea Actions -- notes

The configuration format is similar to Github actions, so that will be nice.

act_runner is written in go, so no need to run nodejs bloat on the runners, saves some precious memory for real tasks to run. This is one of our github actions runners running for one CI, if you have multiple CI loops then add it up.

   2314 khem       20   0  500M 20884 17412 S  0.0  0.0  0:00.48 ./externals/node16/bin/node ./bin/RunnerService.js

Github has a C# running:

Do they also have a Node.js one?

Here is source for Gitea runner:

Looks like it is based on:

A Go app to run Github actions locally – neat stuff!

This is really neat – you can write gitea actions in Go:

To enable actions, add the following to your configuration file:


Then, when you log into Gitea, you will see a new β€œRunners” section in the admin page:

Another article on Gitea Actions: